Garvey Transport, Inc.


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  • Discount Program

We have the ability through our in-house system of instant computerized rates to tailor your individual volume of needs faster and more efficiently.

Shopping around for the best discount in the trucking industry today is a very time consuming and deceiving process. Many companies offer high discounts, however the discount is not a significant savings if the base of the tariff is high.

While other companies are offering their "discounts". you can be rest assured that Garvey Transport, Inc. is offering LOW tariffs and HIGH discounts while personally adjusting the rates to suit your companies individual needs.

It would be a pleasure for us to take the time to sit with you, examine your current discount program and show you how Garvey can work economically and efficiently to better serve your company's transportation requirements.

  • Tariff Participation

Garvey Individual Tariffs

Coordinated Freight Classification

National Motor Freight Classification

New England Motor Rate Bureau Tariffs 503 and 524 (class rates)

Middle Atlantic Conference Tariff 515 (class rates)

  • Insurance Programs

Cargo - $500,000               

Property Damage - $1,000,000

General Liability w/umbrella - $4,000,000

Workman's Compensation





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